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Cascades of Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac - Beach

The Terrace at Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac - Ground Floor

Villa Ratac Yacht Mooring

Presidential Apartment at Villa Ratac

Apartment Oliva at Villa Ratac

Palms in front of Villa Ratac

View from the Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac

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Presidential Apartment

Presidential apartment of Villa Ratac is in size of more than 120 m2, counting just the indoors while there are another 70 m2 of balconies and terraces outside. It consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a separate kitchen, a separate living room with an open and wide connection with a sea view balcony, more like an exclusive patio for sun bathing of the suite's guests. Living room and kitchen are big around 60 m2, while the rooms are around 20 m2 each. Living room is connected with the great balcony where there are tables and chairs to dine and enjoy the sunsets. The main bedroom has its own balcony. Also, the kitchen has an outside terrace with open air table and private barbecue grill. The apartment can suit from 6 to 8 persons. Inside the apartment there are all amenities necessary for long term stay like washing machine, refrigerator, dish washer, oven, fireplace, DVD, satellite TV, air condition, outside grill for bbq, and kitchen equipment.

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