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Cascades of Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac - Beach

The Terrace at Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac - Ground Floor

Villa Ratac Yacht Mooring

Presidential Apartment at Villa Ratac

Apartment Oliva at Villa Ratac

Palms in front of Villa Ratac

View from the Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac

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   Natural and historical sights, what to do, where to go, it is all written many times on the internet. Though internet is a valuable resource, we believe that our services go further than just having tours with timetables of things to visit. Our partner Hot Dubrovnik lets the guests choose the time, the place or anything else. We propose the possibilities but the selection is on you. There is no need to spend time on places you don’t like. With many little places around Dubrovnik it is necessary to choose the ones having the best experience. As we are all different, during the past years we discovered that based on your interests we must be able to change the course of our trips on site. It wouldn’t be the last time to have guests going to Mostar but ending in Medjugorje. Very often after spending a day in Kotor, guests will spend an evening in Budva, as these both towns are in Montenegro, two hours from Dubrovnik. Our guests are the most important for us, local travel possibilities done from Dubrovnik is our service for the ones loving to travel.



   It takes an hour to get to the border, but it takes a lifetime to understand Montenegro. This country is so close to Dubrovnik, but again different and every time interesting. The most similar sights are the Kotor Old Town (compared to Dubrovnik Old Town), both mainly built in stone, both under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage Foundation. The only difference besides the architecture and configuration is the size. Kotor is not as big, not as popular, but shows how Dubrovnik was not alone in the past when it comes to beautiful architecture, wealth and life. You will see that living there 200 years ago is not as bad as we think, except the technology, many aspects were better like politics – elections were basically held every month. Besides the town of Kotor there is also another town very close – it is the Budva Sv. Stefan. Though Sv. Stefan is a spectacular historical sight, today Budva is more popular because of nice restaurants, cafés and a beach, probably the biggest beach on the Adriatic simply called Slovenian beach. The Riviera of Budva also hosts many casinos, hotels and yachts but also little crazy things like parasailing or tube driving from fast speedboats. Montenegro is a true country of contrasts, with many historical traditions confronting modern visions of this young country, it is hard to say what will prevail, so our best option is to see it now before it gets totally changed.


   The Republic of Dubrovnik, a state that lasted from 1358 to 1808. had high levels of democracy, today known as one of the first to stop trade with slaves in 1416. Its port was an important factor of success in those days and Venice was its biggest competitor. Venice wanted a port in the area of southern Adriatic and Korcula was perfect for their plans, close to Dubrovnik, on the south, it was one of the most strategic places for Venetians. History of Korcula is closely connected to Venetian history as the island was under Venice from 1420 to 1797. Marco Polo, the famous explorer that went several times to Asia was born in Korcula but did his adventures for Venetian sponsors. The architecture and symbols of Venice are visible everywhere, beautiful architecture and atmosphere similar to Italian coastal cities make this island a real pearl of the Adriatic. Except the famous history the island is rich with wine cellars and olive factories. On Korcula they make best olive oil, possible to buy from locals, best white wine called Poship grows there so it is worth visiting local wine cellars in Smokvica. Diversity of this island with many little places and traditions is also present today as many guests choose enjoying the sandy beach of Lumbarda or Proizd, voted the beach with cleanest sea on the Adriatic, located on west side of the island, close to the geographical center of Adriatic sea. Last few years many new slow food restaurants opened on the island offering food prepared in traditional ways. So many options of the island can be explored during a full day excursion, specially selected, with highlights either on history or nature.


   Situated on the river of Neretva, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is a town formed with influence of three religions present there – Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox. The diversity of style, traditions, cuisine and buildings is a spectacular introduction about Bosnia today or former Yugoslavia yesterday. Just an introduction as the ending needs to be different and somehow better compared to the cruel war of former Yugoslavia. The streets of Mostar are still a living evidence that it is necessary to live together, and there is no other city in the world (or at least Europe) that is showing how peace is necessary not just for future but for present. Going there and having Chevapchichi (form of traditionally prepared grilled minced meat) really makes you celebrate life. Make a thank you to the Bosnian cuisine because of this meal prepared like 400 years ago when Turkish soldiers presented it to locals. Many of the restaurants are just around the famous Old Bridge, another site protected by the UNESCO. The Old Town around the bridge is just like 400 years ago, you can almost feel the real east there, people going through narrow streets, looking what to buy, the smell of grilled meat and food always makes you hungry. Still, Mostar is not the only place famous in this part of Herzegovina, just near the city is a pilgrimage called Medjugorje, where millions of people visit sacral places on the hills there. This place is a true ambient of love and peace from the Catholic believers, a place where people with different religions get together and truly understand each other. The spiritual meaning of Medjugorje and Mostar is a delightful introduction about the people living here. Generally, it is another experience possible from Dubrovnik in just one day, as it is just a two hour drive away. Most of the comments about Mostar from our guests are: so close, so different, so beautiful. We couldn’t agree more with them.


   If you ask anybody in Dubrovnik to name the most beautiful island on the Adriatic, most of the answers will simply be – Mljet. This is one of the biggest islands here as well, with many little villages, ports and beaches (the most popular is a sandy beach called Saplunara). The most famous sight there is definitely the National Park Mljet that presents and protects the area of the islands northern part. It is practically unspoiled natural beauty found in the flora and fauna of the two lakes formed there, having another island inside the lakes. Island with lakes is a myth itself but an island with lakes with their island is natural wonder, today carefully protected, with crystal clear water, excursions and trips ecologically done, on bicycles, on foot or with electric boats. The trip to the National Park Mljet is a real adventure suited for all ages, not to mention there are wonderful fish restaurants there as well. In general this island is the best habitat for fish as well, some good sized fish and lobsters are caught there around the island in its deep sea. Most of exclusive sea food in Dubrovnik comes from Mljet, it is a fisherman’s paradise. Other activities there are mainly related to sailing and diving. Diving locations are well preserved and very popular as the island was en route of many ships sailing along the Adriatic sea. Though all of the Adriatic is clean and nice, Mljet has a special place, the best proof is the sandy beach Saplunara, a real hidden gem, today there are some new buildings being done there so our best choice is to visit it as soon as possible as it is not protected as the National Park.
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