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Cascades of Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac - Beach

The Terrace at Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac - Ground Floor

Villa Ratac Yacht Mooring

Presidential Apartment at Villa Ratac

Apartment Oliva at Villa Ratac

Palms in front of Villa Ratac

View from the Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac

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Villa Ratac

   Villa Ratac is ideally located at a sunny private beach for guests of the villa and surrounded by lush pine and olive trees. So the location is not just typical Croatian but Mediterranean, like the Croatian Tourism slogan says: Mediterranean as it once was. The architecture of the Villa is traditional, with typical stone elements.

   The villa can be rented as a whole villa, by the floor or as individual apartments. Villa consists of 7 apartments of varying sizes. All the apartments are comfortable with elegant interiors, terraces and balconies facing the sea, overlooking the Elaphiti Islands. Each apartment provides a kitchen with all facilities for longer stays. Three apartments also have fantastic BBQ area with and outside table on the terrace. It is possible to have up to 1 or 2 extra beds per apartment.

   Above the villa there is a little domestic taverna just for the villa's guests with a sea view terrace where it is possible to try home cooked Dalmatian dishes for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available on request and they can be delivered to your apartment through room service. A very well-known gastronomy centre in Croatia is Ston Bay, which is just a 20-minute drive away. It has oysters growing in the Ston bay area where the clean sea is mixed with the nearby river Neretva. Ston’s restaurants offer shells, mussels and fish farms providing excellent sea food served in the restaurants of the little town Ston. The nearby village of Slano with few locally known restaurants and shops is 5 km away from Villa Ratac.


The Beach

   Probably the reason why Villa Ratac is so popular, it is the heart of the villa, the place where all our guests spend their days, where they have a chance to get to know the unspoiled Adriatic sea. Our beach is where you jump into the sea soon after waking up. It is where you start the evenings following the sunsets with a glass of red wine. The beach at Villa Ratac is not huge but it is wide to accommodate up to 20 people without a rush, it has two shadows, under which there are stone tables. Between the shadows is the sun bathing area with sun chairs and sun beds. There is a shower, steps into the sea, a pier for our guests arriving by yachts or boats. Our beach is the perfect place to enjoy your vacation, nobody can disturb, it is quiet and it's all few steps from your apartment.

The Place

   Villa Ratac is named simply after Ratac which is the place with highest number of sunny days in region of Dubrovnik. The name Ratac is many centuries old as the place was known as a wine growing region producing best quality wines for the nobelty of the old Dubrovnik Republic. Today the Ratac area is known for many villas and houses located directly on the sea with completely open sea view and sunshine all the day. Known for its sunny side, the Ratac area is open for swimming also during the winter. Though the swimming season ends in November, there are many locals that wait for sunny days in winter during January when the temperature during the day can be up to 25 Celzius, enough for a jump into the sea. The real swimming season again starts in May when temperatures are nice, a little hot, but not too hot, perfect for holidays. 1st of May is the time when vacationers come again to Ratac to enjoy the sea and the sun every day. Because of its seasonal life the area of Ratac is known as a place for holidays with people coming here from all over the world.
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